In today’s busy and fast life everyone seeks for a safe and secure lifestyle. Everyone needs security and a safe environment where they can keep their loved ones safe and can lead a happy life. Sometimes they forget to take care of their vehicle. So for this problem, Jellyfish Telecommunication makes a vehicle tracking device for real-time tracking of your vehicles and which gives you instant alerts in case of an emergency. This vehicle tracking device is approved by AIS -140 which makes this device beyond the competition.

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The AIS 140 vehicle tracking device is equipped with some of the most modern features to protect and secure your vehicles. The vehicle tracker has 32 Bit, Cortex M0 Microcontroller, and 128MB External Data Flash. You can increase the efficiency of the fleet, ensure the safety of the vehicle fewer accidents and repair expenses by using this AIS certified vehicle tracking device. The tracking device can be installed inside the vehicle which can be accessed from anywhere around the world via RUDRA tracking app which is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

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