Running a transportation company is not a child’s play. There are so many buses use in transportation and you have to take care of all of them. For taking care of all the buses, Our GPS systems receive applause for the right reasons. Our GPS vehicle tracking device RUDRA - J02 helps in speed detection of the buses and calls for obligatory actions as and when required. The devices send Geofence alerts, which help when there is a formulated route and drivers move outside of the deputed location. This vehicle tracking device is AIS 140 certified as well.

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This vehicle tracker aids you in complete fleet management by emphasizing on fuel and mileage monitoring. The AIS 140 vehicle tracking device also facilitates real-time location services to save your time consumption. This vehicle tracking device is equipped with some of the most modern features to protect and secure buses. Reasons for state transport bus owners reaching out to us: Efficient Fleet Management, Identify Driver Habits, Geofence Alerts. To know more about this vehicle tracking device, please visit here: -

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