In mining industry management every time cannot be present and thus they need specific tools and solutions to track their valuable plants and equipment which are involved in the mining operations. Whether the requirement is to track any vehicle involved in the mining operations or it is to track any human or anything, Jellyfish Telecommunication has solutions available for every mining asset tracking need. For real-time tracking of the mining vehicles, Jellyfish Telecommunication made a GPS vehicle tracking device RUDRA- J02. This vehicle tracking device is AIS approved which makes it different from others.

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Our vehicle tracking solutions in the mining industry enforce safety belt regulations and reduces hard braking and fast acceleration with alerts and reports that help you monitor driver behavior. Our vehicle tracking device allows our customers in the field to call for help through their GPS tracking, even if they are not in the vehicle. The GPS also facilitates real-time location services to save your time consumption. To know more about this vehicle tracking device, please visit here: -

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