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Buy USB GPS Receiver For Aadhaar Enrollment Centers

Are you looking for a USB GPS receiver device for you aadhaar enrollment center then you should use USB GPS receiver JFT - AV02 which is made by Jellyfish Telecommunication. With a start time of 32 seconds to get signal acquisition, this aadhaar GPS device is an affordable option for a laptop. The high sensitive MediaTek GPS chipset has an extremely fast time to first fix, even at a low signal and can provide superior performance. The main advantage of using this USB GPS receiver is that it is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. We also offered 24*7 customers supports and IVRs for customer support and feedback for regular improvements in our products. We also provide online platforms to order the device, download drivers and quick start manuals. To know more about this device, please visit here: -

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